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Juan Vicente Boo: "Joy is the lever with which the pope solves problems"

Since Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope many good books on Pope Francis have been published. For this reason, the greatest merit of the new book by Juan Vicente Boo is that it gives tidbits of Pope Francis' life that very few know. JUAN VICENTE BOO Author, "The Pope of Joy" "There are some people who know he's organized, but most people think it's a big-hearted person who acts impulsively, but no, he's very thoughtful, and thinks long-term. Few people know that he was already rescuing refugees in Argentina, and that what he does now is normal and consistent with his way of being. Many people think he is a pope who has not studied much, but in fact, he has studied and read a lot ... He simply allows this part of his life to be hidden." Boo is the Spanish correspondent for the ABC of Madrid newspaper, and has accompanied Pope Francis in all his trips. From this privileged point of view he has seen how the pope has revolutionized not only the Vatican, but also the world as a whole. JUAN VICENTE BOO Author, "The Pope of Joy" "I have seen the impact he has on solving difficult problems such as climate change. I have seen how magazines like Fortune, Forbes and all the major capitalist media that the pope criticizes have also recognized him as an immediate leader in the United States. Therefore I realized that his impact is very large outside the Vatican, and I try analyze him from the outside." Perhaps the pope surprises and baffles people because they lack the elements to understand him thoroughly. "The Pope of Joy" is a portrait of Pope Francis in two ways. Seen from the outside, the book explains how he is changing the world; and, in the meantime, the view from within allows others to understand his project and how far he wants to go. JUAN VICENTE BOO Author, "The Pope of Joy" "I have called it 'The Pope of Joy' because it seems to me that this is the main axis of his pontificate. Of course it is the great lever with which he is managing to change not only the Church, but also life and the way many people behave." Indeed, Pope Francis uses joy to title some of his important documents, like: "The Joy of the Gospel," "The Joy of Love," and the ecological encyclical "Laudato si '," which could be translated to "The Joy of Creation." It is a contagious joy, which is revolutionizing the 21st century. JMB/MB AA-RR SV - PR Up:FV