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Pope Francis explains how to put up with annoying people

In the popemobile there is always space for everyone and today the pope wanted to test it to the limits. He invited several children in the car with him to offer them a unique view of St. Peter's Square. Later, Pope Francis participated in another stirring scene: he patiently stopped with this sick person before beginning his preaching on the works of mercy. This week he spoke of one work of mercy that was of much interest: patiently enduring annoying people. POPE FRANCIS "Immediately we think: How long will I have to endure the laments, gossip, petitions or arrogance of this person?" He recalled God's patience with the Israelites in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, he ;remembered the pressure Christ received from the mother of two of his own disciples. ; POPE FRANCIS "She said to him, 'Make my two sons sit one on your right and one on your left in your Kingdom.The mother was lobbying for her children." The pope said that when it comes to putting up with annoying people, one must remember how many times others have endured their own annoying habits. ; He also said this work of mercy offers the opportunity to correct those who are wrong and teach those who mess up or are not aware. POPE FRANCIS "To teach others to focus on what is essential is a determining aid, especially in a time like ours today, that seems to have lost track and follows immediate satisfactions." At the end of his catechesis, the pope recalled that next Sunday will be the World Day for the Rights of Children and Adolescents. He called for protection for the rights of minors, especially protection from the clutches of slavery. JRB/MB CTV - -BN Up: #Pope Francisco