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Card. Carlos Aguiar: Mexico has much to say to the universal Church

Mexican Archbishop, Carlos Aguiar, is one of the new cardinals appointed by Pope Francis. He is a man of consensus, which is proven by the fact that he has been elected president of the Mexican bishops and also president of the Latin American Episcopal Council several times. CARD. CARLOS AGUIAR Archbishop of Tlalnepantla (Mexico) "I see this call from the pope to be a member of the College of Cardinals, as a sign, a sign that Mexico has something to say to the world. And so, I am very grateful to God, and am asking for help and protection in order to fulfill the mission." If one thinks it is difficult to pronounce the name of this diocese in Spanish, imagine in Latin. However, the pope attempted to say it during the consistory. Card. Aguiar is 66 years old and was ordained a priest at 23. After his appointment to cardinal, Mexico now has four cardinal electors. JMB/MB CE, VM, MG FL - PR Up:MB