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Stephen Hawking speaks on the origin of the universe at the Vatican

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences convened at the Vatican for a plenary session on Science and Sustainability, among those present was Stephen Hawking.  STEPHEN HAWKING Physicist "With James Hartle from the University of California, I worked out what physical conditions the early universe must have, if space time had no boundaries in the past. Our model became known as the No-Boundary Proposal. It says that when we go back toward the beginning of our universe, space and time become fuzzy and cap off, somewhat like the south pole and the surface of the Earth. Asking about came before the Big Bang is meaningless according to the No-Boundary proposal, because there is no notion of time available to refer to. It would be like asking what lies south of the South Pole.â? Hawking gave a 20-minute general explanation on his theory about the origin of the universe, the No-Boundary Proposal. He explained how he believes everything started and what remains from that start.  DR. VANDERLEI S. BAGNATO Physicist, University of Sao Paolo (Brazil) "He was very clear in saying that some few things are missing. We still need to prove a few things to somehow close his ideas about the origin of the universe.â?  "I think it was a very nice lecture and he made a big effort to transmit to us, physicist and non-physicists, this idea of importance. Of building up the blocks of knowledge to understand how everything starts.â? The Pontifical Academy of Sciences is the oldest scientific academy in the world, including even Galileo as a member. It thus has a reputation as a prestigious academy, combining different view points to come to conclusions on human issues and mankind.  The Academy will meet with Pope Francis on Monday in a private audience in the Apostolic Palace.  MB AA SV -PR Up: JMB