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Check out thrilling new Hollywood superproduction about Jesuits in Japan

This is the trailer of the movie "Silence" a thrilling depiction of the persecution suffered by Jesuit priests in 17th-century Japan. It is the film that is sure to bring worldwide attention to the Society of Jesus, 30 years after the other great film about the congregation: The Mission.    

Before the premiere in Rome, Martin Scorsese, the movie's director, had the opportunity to discuss the film with the most famous Jesuit in the world, Pope Francis.   Fr. James Martin, another of the most famous Jesuits, especially in the United States, worked in the production, coaching the actors to help them understand the Jesuit charisma.    

FR. JAMES MARTIN Editor-at-Large, America Magazine  

"I was asked to look at the script to see what a Jesuit would say and do in certain situations. I also helped the actors prepare for their roles, especially Andrew Garfield, who plays the lead, I led him through the spiritual excersises of St. Ignatius, which was a six month project, and he was very well prepared by the time he was finished.â?   Fr. James Martin attended the premiere in the Vatican, and he was very satisfied with the final result.  

FR. JAMES MARTIN Editor-at-Large, America Magazine

"It's a masterpiece. I'm not embarrassed to say I cried every time I saw it. It's a beatiful portrayal of the complexities of faith, and one man's spiritual journey, that I think is really going to resonate with people, believers or non-believers."   "Silence" which stars Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, and Andrew Garfield, will be released in movie theaters in the United States on December 23.