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Gaudete new app helps prepare Catholics for Christmas

The Society of the Infant Jesus in Singapore has launched a new Catholic application called Gaudete, meaning "Rejoiceâ? in Latin.  Its creators desire that the Biblical resources, and information about the saints and Church will help instill hope and increase the faith of each user.  DOLORES DON President, Society of the Infant Jesus  "We feel that the world now more than ever has an immense desire and need to find the reason to rejoice amid all the tempestuous challenges it is confronted with.â?  The application features new saints and reflections from the pope, including various writings for special feast days and seasons of the Church, like Advent or Lent.  There are also sections focusing on one's particular vocation and stage in life, whether it's a married person, religious or a child.  RODNEY CHUA Gaudete App  "The intent is to help our users belonging to these segments to more fully live out their respective vocation or their respective stage in life as a Catholic. We have resources that will help enhance our users knowledge and appreciation of the deeper underlying spirituality related to some of the popular devotions of the Catholic faith.â? The resources also include daily reflections on faith and mercy, as well as a space for users to write in prayer petitions for the Society of the Infant Jesus to intercede on their behalf. A Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page are all also linked to the app and it is available for free in Android, iOS and HTML 5. MB Society/AA SV - BN Up: