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Rome Reports

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Newly ordained priest helps his family convert to Catholicism

Coming from a family with a long line of Protestant pastoral work, newly ordained Catholic priest, Fr. Nikolaus Klemeyer broke the mold by joining the Church, and took his family with him.  FR. NIKOLAUS KLEMEYER LC "I converted at 16 years old and also entered the Legionaries of Christ. For my mom, it was the moment when she decided if she also wanted to come. First I converted and then, it was like a domino effect for the others. Not so much just because I sought to convert, but a bit because of the testimony of my mom's life and the environment that we started to live in with a lot of contact with Legionaries.â? He grew up in Germany attending a Catholic school, but it wasn't until after he attended a camp with the Legionaries of Christ as a teen that he first felt the pull to the Catholic Church.  FR. NIKOLAUS KLEMEYER LC "The most intense moment, and my entrance to Catholic life was through my experience with the Legionaries of Christ, simply because of 'Providence.' I was invited to live in Rome while attended a youth camp. I loved it. After, as a young man, I began to place the Catholic faith in my life even more.â? Now, the six members of his family have all coverted, even his dad before he passed away. Fr. Nikolaus said he realized "God wanted to finish his life in a beautiful way by becoming Catholic before he died.â? FR. NIKOLAUS KLEMEYER LC "This is one of the great joys of our life that makes its way to the end. So it is quite a life, very lively, very cheerful, and we have a very strong family spirit."  He said the experience taught him that life is a circle that God fully completes and He will never leave any part unfinished. It's an experience this priest will always have and will carry with him throughout his priestly ministry in Germany, where he is located.  MB MG SV -PR Up:AC