The first film that destins all of its profits to children with cancer

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'The Healerâ? is a groundbreaking, non-profit, film that shows what really matters in life, and the courage to accept one's mission. 

'I am willing to pay all your debts. Of course I want you to do something in return.'
'That you move abroad. You will live in Nova Scotia.�

This is the beginning of a curious story that is not only just a movie. It's much more than that. It's the first movie not looking to make a profit for itself. Its director, Paco Arango, explains why he did it. 

Director, 'The Healer'
'It will be one hundred percent for benefit throughout the world: USA, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France. It is inspired by, and dedicated to, actor Paul Newman, because though we all know him for his films, this man was an angel.'

The exact amount that this film earns will be donated to a project that the famous actor began, the SeriousFun Children's Network, a special camp for children with cancer. 

The film focuses on the story of Alec, who thanks to a entertaining moment of confusion, discovers that he has a gift.

Director, 'The Healer'
'I always wanted to have the gift of healing, and obviously I don't have it. Then, for all that fiction is worth, I decided to make this film with the same concept.�

In the beginning, his protagonist initially rejects this gift. That is, until he discovers what really matters.

'It must be a mistake. I just fix electrical appliances.�
'It's what the ad says.'
''The healer fixes everything.' Wait, this is not exactly what I said.' 
'We came because our daughter is very sick.'
'I cannot help your daughter.'
'According to the doctors there is no cure.'
'I'm not a healer.'
'Healers do not exist. I want to give them this.'

This film sends a message of courage, both to the children and adolescents who have cancer, and also to those who accept their mission in life. 

Director, 'The Healer'
'A very important message is that of hope and mercy. My main character is an atheist, a radical atheist, and faces having to make the decision to believe, and the courage to have to believe.'

Cinema for the benefit of those who need help most shows that film making can be far more than just having fun. 


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