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Order of Malta joins Stand Together project to aid persecuted Christians

The Order of Malta has joined the project "Stand Together" to help Christian minorities. It was announced by the person responsible for their humanitarian initiatives during this meeting held in the Spanish embassy to the Vatican.  

Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta
"We are joining because I think we need to have a high level of solidarity. We have been involved in this region of the Middle East for many years now and we have seen the transformation due to conflicts, despair, hatred, and at the end there are a number of Christians that are leaving. Even if we can provide jobs, good education... now children are leaving"

"Stand Togetherâ? unites aid organizations and media to spread the testimonies of persecuted Christians and show them that they are not alone.   

Grand Hospitaller of the Order of Malta
"This is a wonderful way in joining other entities through as it was said through mass media, through websites, through Twitter, through Facebook. It channels quite a lot of events and it can pick up concern, it can inform, maybe in a less institutional way of the despair that we meet everyday in Middle East."  

The philosophy of the "Stand Together" project is that in order to help Christian minorities, you must first know their stories in person.  

Syro-Catholic Patriarch of Antioch
"We are living a daily nightmare in which our survival is at stake. Before the invasion in 2003 it was said that there were more than a million Christians here. There are now no more than 250-300,000, and most are in Iraq."  

Roberto Fontolan, from the International Center for Communion and Liberation, is one of the main promoters of "Stand Together." Other collaborators include Rome Reports, ISCOM and the Foundation for the Social Promotion of Culture.  

International Center for Communion and Liberation
"We want everyone to know the great good that the presence of Christians in these regions marked by violence and tribulation is having; also the positive effects of religious freedom for the individual and society."  

CEO of Rome Reports
"It is important to convey what is happening in the Middle East and explain this persecution. To achieve this, to reach the people, we must guarantee a high level of quality."

"Stand Together" can be seen on this web page with additional profiles on Twitter and Facebook, which disseminates human stories about the great challenges faced by Christian minorities in the Middle East.