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Pope Francis at Angelus: I wish we would treat the Bible like our cell phone

The pope said that the Word of God, the Bible, should be as important to a Christian as his cellphone.  During the Sunday Angelus, the pope used this comparison to explain that the Bible must be indispensable. POPE FRANCIS "What would happen if we turned around when we forgot it: if you forget your cellphone- oh no! I don't have it, I'll go back and find it; what if we read the message of God contained in the Bible the way we read messages on our cellphones?â? The pope recalled that the day's readings showed that Christ was able to reject the devil's temptations because of the Word of God. He concluded that mediating over the Word is a weapon that helps Christians overcome the obstacles that keep them from God. This has been the last public act of the pope until next Friday. That same Sunday afternoon, he set out with the superiors of the Curia to begin a week of spiritual exercises, precisely to meditate on the Gospel. JRB/JC CTV -FL -BN Up:FV