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Cameroon president and his wife visit pope

Paul Biya, a Catholic and the president of Cameroon for almost 35 years, visited Pope Francis at the Vatican for the second time.  According to a Vatican statement, they spoke of "the importance of promoting national cohesion, enhancing the richness of the various historic and cultural traditions of the country, with respect for human and minority rights.â? The president was accompanied by his elegant wife Chantal, who greeted the Pope in Italian. "Good morning". "Good morning, madam, it's a pleasure to meet you." To serve as a remembrance of the meeting, Paul Biya gave him this sculpture of an elderly Cameroonian. "The memory of the elders". "The memory of the elders is the wisdom of a country." The Pope also gave him a sculpture that symbolized peace. "I wish for Cameroon to continue walking on the path of peace." "Thank you, dear Holy Father. Peace is our goal." The First Lady was very moved during the meeting, and the pope said goodbye to her by asking for prayers. Pope Francis also said goodbye to the president, asking him, too, for prayers.  JMB/JC CTV FL - BN Up: JMB