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Rome Reports

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California to Rome: Choir returns to sing in Rome's churches

These young men, along with fellow choir members, have traveled from California to Rome to sing in churches across the Eternal City. Accompanied by their parents and grandparents, they will top off their musical tour with a concert in the Sistine Chapel.  One of their greatest  highlights of the trip, however, came at the General Audience, where they were able to sing, and be heard, by the Holy Father.  RICHARD CHIN "First off, it was a magical experience. It's basically a once in a lifetime opportunity, singing expresses a lot of emotions, and I was really happy to be there as a Christian. Seeing him was a really big deal for me.â?  Though not singing, this grandfather joined in on the contagious excitement of seeing the pope, after traveling all the way from Massachusetts.  BOB LYMAN  "It was electric. You don't get to talk to him, but you can see that he is a genuine, loving person. I think that gets reflected and you feel it when you're in the crowd. He's a genuine person and loves people. It was very moving. We are very fortunate to be able to do it, we are very close to him.â? They also gave a preview of what they will be singing on the final night of their Italian concert tour.  The churches of Rome often leaves one speechless. Fortunately, these young men express in song what many cannot find the words for.  JC RR -FL -BN Up: FV