Benedict XVI turns 90 tomorrow

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The pope emeritus turns 90 on Resurrection Sunday, although he will celebrate it on Easter Monday. His secretary Georg Gí¤nswein says it will be a simple celebration, with 'a slight Bavarian touch.'  

MGSR. GEORG Gí?NSWEIN Prefect of the Pontifical Household

'It will be celebrated privately at his home on Easter Monday, with a Bavarian touch, I cannot say more. Everything Bavarian does a lot of good to the pope's heart and also to us.'  

His mental state of health is in perfect condition: he writes letters and has visitors. However physically he has vision problems and the logical difficulties of mobility at his age. He used to walk around the Vatican gardens every day to pray in the grotto dedicated to the Virgin of Lourdes.

His public appearances are limited. The last one was after the consistory for the creation of new cardinals in November. During the visit, the new cardinals and Pope Francis were able to greet him.

Benedict XVI: A love affair with the truth - Trailer from ROME REPORTS on Vimeo.

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