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Rome Reports

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Pope in the Chapel of Apparitions: "I beg you for world harmony amongst the peoples"

More than half a million pilgrims were enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of the pope. ; Pope Francis descended from the popemobile and left a bouquet of flowers at the feet of Our Lady of Fatima. ; He then prayed silently before the image for almost 10 minutes. Joining him in this prayer were the more than 500,000 people who filled the esplanade of the Sanctuary. After this silent prayer, the Holy Father addressed this humble but firm intention for peace. POPE FRANCIS "Hail Queen. Blessed Virgin of Fatima. I implore to the world the concord between all peoples. I come like prophet and messenger to wash the feet to all, around the same table that unites us. Together with my brothers, for you, I consecrate myself to God, O Virgin of the Rosary of Fatima." Like his predecessors, Pope Francis gave a golden rose to Our Lady. He did not finish his prayer, because before finishing the act he prayed for a moment before Our Lady of Fatima. ; Then he greeted this group of children waiting for him inside the Chapel of the Apparitions, which they popularly call "Capelinha". Before leaving the esplanade, he stopped the popemobile to offer some final gestures of affection to the pilgrims. ; JRB/JC CTV FL -BN Up:JC