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Cardinal Cipriani: The Pope asks us to have affectionate gestures with the people

This was the first of the two meetings that the bishops of Peru have had this week with Pope Francisco. An encounter that ended with this joke. POPE FRANCIS "Some are devotees of the saint, others of  ecology, and I am devotee of the broom he used. Thank you thank you very much.â? CARD. JUAN LUIS CIPRIANI Archbishop of Lima (Peru) "He said, 'I'm more devoted to the broom', and he explained why. He said, 'because so many times we have to cleanse the soul, the heart, the corruption, the lies, the envy, and St. Martin's broom greatly helps me to try to help make the Church more transparent, more clean.' It was a great moment." Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani explains that at the two meetings, the pope listened attentively to the bishops, gave them some advice, and asked them this: CARD. JUAN LUIS CIPRIANI Archbishop of Lima (Peru) "I think that the pope is asking the whole Church, in the face of a strongly changing culture, in which it would seem that the Church is being out of the game, is asking us, come out to meet the people. A personal testimony. What makes the message credible is your example, to be seen, to be heard, to have gestures of charity, of affection, of appreciation ..." It has been a week filled with intense work and meetings with all departments of the Vatican. However, he misses the people of Peru. CARD. JUAN LUIS CIPRIANI Archbishop of Lima (Peru) "We return very refreshed, with great enthusiasm, and remaining the same. Being that our people are truly admirable people, because it they are people from which I want to greet and bless next to St. Peter, because here I remember not only Lima, but Peru as a whole." The Pope has told them that he wants to travel to Peru, although they have not spoken of dates or places. Therefore, the cardinal dreams of repeating a hug like this, next year in Lima. "How's it going?" "Very well, missing you much, and commending you." JMB MG / CTV FL -BN Up:JRB