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Veritas: Five men, with five different backgrounds, form unexpected band

These men are the members of Veritas: a Christian band composed of five singers with different stylistic backgrounds. They are a classical crossover, singing both modern hits and the classics.  They have recently wrapped up a 13-month tour, premiering songs from their self-titled debut album, Veritas. It contained pop songs such as Switchfoot's "Dare you to move,â? time-honored renditions, and their own compilations.  SCOTT LAWRENCE Singer, Veritas "The first album that we came out with really set a great overview of who we set out to be as Veritas. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with a 45 piece orchestra. It's just absolutely beautiful orchestration and fantastic songs.â? For their next album, they will continue the same format, but this time adding more of their own songs that they composed.  SCOTT LAWRENCE Singer, Veritas "We have brand new original songs, and then there's also some traditional songs that everybody already knows and loves, and we will offer our interpretations. But I think this album is really continuing to hone in on the heart of Veritas.â?  Be it their debut album or upcoming release, both strive to complete the same mission: spreading the Word of God through song.  SCOTT LAWRENCE Singer, Veritas "We really have a three-dimensional message conveyed through all of our music and it is a message of Faith, Hope, and Love. The message that we drive home the most is a message of love. We want our audience to know that no matter who they are regardless of where they've been where they came from that they are loved beyond measure by a God who knows them and sees them.â? Between touring and recording a new album, it has been a busy period for Veritas. However, it has only been a matter of time: it was something that they have "dreamed of for years.â?  JC RR -VM PR UP:MB