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Rome Reports

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African charismatics bring their joyful voices to the Vatican

One hundred and twenty Catholics from South Africa have brought their contagious joy and smiling faces to Rome. With everyone proudly wearing matching shirts and hats from their country of Botswana, this Catholic Charismatic group caught the attention of many pilgrims who happened to be in St. Peter's Square. FR. SYLVESTER KAEMANA Leader of Charismatic Renewal (Botswana) "The Charismatic Catholic Renewal is something that is known by the authorities. It's not something that is hidden. It's not something that is illegal, but it is something that is allowed by the Church. That is why we have come here to be in the Catholic city of the Catholic Church.â? BRIDGET U TSHEPE Participant, Charismatic Renewal (Botswana) "We are here because we want a new Pentecost. We've come to celebrate the 50th year of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal worldwide. We are so, so excited. We just want to hold his hand because he's our papa." In fact, they not only sing in St. Peter's Square, but throughout the city and even where they are staying. It is the way they say they can truly live out their experience in Rome and their weekend seeing the Holy Father. FR. SYLVESTER KAEMANA Leader of Charismatic Renewal (Botswana) "I think it is very very important for us to come and celebrate here. Pentecost is the real right day of celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit, so for us to be with the pope, I think it's wonderful."  They will be joined with thousands of other Charismatics from around the world, who have all come to receive the "outpouringâ? or "baptismâ? of the Holy Spirit during the celebration of the birthday of the Church. MB MG -F -PR Up:JC