A Sacred Art School in Florence teaches to merge tradition with present times

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Founders of Florence's Sacred Art School were in Rome to present its initiatives. Established in 2012, the school assists its artists in finding relevant ways to represent sacred art in today's society, while still keeping its traditional roots. 

They focus on all types of art, such as these traditional paintings, as well as other religious articles and sculptures. 

Professor, Sacred Art School of Florence 
'Since the very beginning, the Catholic faith was a true art. Art as a way to show the beauty of God and the whole narrative of Jesus' incarnation. So that actually we can start to show in a way, in a mysterious way, God, Jesus Christ.�

Sofia is a former student, and these are only a few of her portraits. She explains that the school functions in two ways: allowing students to grow in both faith, and skill. 

Painting assistant and former student
'The experience was very formative, both with regards to work and faith. Because by going there, I started to utilize art both as a means to earn a living, and to see it as a way to reach God.�

When looking at pieces such as these, it's visible to see that sacred art differs from other types of art. Through prayer, the artist is able to connect both to themselves and the observer. 

For this reason, the school has received many requests from churches and religious institutions, such as these panels for Way of the Cross. 

Director, Sacred Art School of Florence 
'Certainly you see immediately if the artists pray while making their piece, because it also transmits their prayer. When a person that looks at the piece uses the work of sacred art to approach the mystery, to walk this path to become closer to their faith, you can say that the artist has succeeded.â? 

For centuries, artists of sacred art have played a vital role in both the Church and society. Florence's Sacred Art School strives to continue this tradition. 

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