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Rome Reports

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Pope to thousands of charismatics: Your way of praying is consistent with the Bible

The Circus Maximus, one of the Eternal City's most symbolic places, and the scene of many martyrdoms in Imperial Rome, hosted the main event of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal's fiftieth anniversary.  More than 50,000 people attended, including non-Catholic Christians. They came from 122 countries and share a common devotion to the Holy Spirit.  MICHELLE MORAN International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services "It's great to see all these flags from so many different countries! Move your flags so we can see them! God has managed to unite people from all over the world here today." It was a joyful encounter of music and emotion. All the attendees were shocked when Pope Francis arrived, and they even encouraged him to sing.  POPE FRANCIS "Today we are here like in a cenacle, but an open sky, because we are not afraid of the open sky. We are gathered, all of us believers, all of those who profess that Jesus is the Lord. 'Jesus is the Lord!'. It may be that your way of praying does not please some, but it is true that it is fully consistent with the biblical tradition. In the Psalms, for example, David dances before the Ark of the Covenant full of joy.â? It was a special afternoon, filled with colors and emotions. The pilgrims reaffirmed their faith and asked the Holy Spirit for help, so that they could experience Pentecost like the apostles.  The Pope also asked them to be united and to work for peace. He warned them that there will never be peace in the world if people do not live amongst each other, accepting the differences between people around them.  AQ/JC CTV / AA - -PR Up: