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The homeland that shaped Pope Francis

Just as home has a special place in one's heart, no matter where they are, Pope Francis' home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the same.   POPE FRANCIS "For me, the Argentine people are my people; you are important; I continue to be Argentine, I sill travel with an Argentine passport. I am convinced that, as people, you are the greatest treasure our homeland hasâ?. Despite this love for his country, there are certain areas that the Argentine bishops say could be improved on in the country. These are areas that Pope Francis himself worked on while still a bishop there. EMILIO INZAURRAGA Chairman, National Justice and Peace Commission (Argentina) "Now speaking about my country, it seems to me that the most important challenge that we have is to overcome the high degree of inequality and poverty that our country has at the moment". Currently, there is a poverty rate of more than 30 percent in Argentina, which is affecting all members of society. The bishop of San Justo says that the Church continues its mission of trying to care for the weakest and healing inequality by the pope's example through dialogue and communion.  MSGR. EDUARDO HORACIO GARCIA Bishop of San Justo, Argentina. "The Church continues in its place, trying to accompany the weakest, most fragile. Trying to be an instrument of dialogue and communion and, above all, to be very attentive to the needs of others who do not have answers and to live charity by offering everything possible that they canâ?. EMILIO INZAURRAGA Chairman, National Justice and Peace Commission (Argentina) "Of course, Pope Francis is attentive to the Argentine reality, from his role, which is an international role now, which is as the Holy Father for the whole world, for all humanity. But of course his homeland is also a reason for attention. I believe that he not only carries it in his heart, but he carries Argentina and her people in his permanent prayers .... so, of course we are in the heart of the Popeâ?. How could the now-pope forget about his homeland and the place that shaped who he is as a person now? It is obvious that he has taken his personal care for the Catholic Church in his country and applied it to his leadership in the Church as a whole. MB/JST RR -S -PR Up:JS