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Rome Reports

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Rome presents results of 30 years of archaeological excavations in Roman Forum

Archaeologists insist that a lifetime is not even enough time to discover all that lies in the Roman Forum.  This place, which now only looks like a vast area of land, was the heart of not only the Roman empire, but of the city itself, for centuries to come.  That is why it has been possible to find these pieces as small and delicate ... as this cutlery, these glasses, or these useful for shaving the beard that are almost one thousand years old. These findings in the Forum are part of one of the most important archaeological sites ever discovered in the Eternal City. ROBERTO MENEGHINI Archaeologist "We have come to understand well how the houses of the aristocrats were in the ninth and tenth centuries. How the houses of the majority of people who lived in Rome in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Discoveries of these types.â? They are the vestiges of daily life in the Roman Forum. Life changed completely after the year 113 AD, when the great monuments of the Empire in this area no longer arose. Everything that the forums hid for centuries can now be discovered in this new exhibition in Rome.  CLAUDIO PARISI PRESICCE Responsible for the exhibition "It includes all the successive transformations that the area has undergone and which show a privatization of the area where small factories, houses and shops are built. We also see the intervention of Cardinal Michele Bonelli who built the neighborhood Alessandrino." From this area, demolished by Mussolini, the so-called Treasures of Via Alessandrina were extracted from this delicate cameo of a couple. In this area there were, for example, ovens where these ceramics were cooked which were then bought and sold in these narrow streets where there was intense commercial activity. Thirty years of excavations have brought large and small pieces to light like these thimbles, or some objects that any woman would like to have on her dresser, like these delicate perfume bottles or some earrings.  In the Imperial Forum, next to the houses, churches were built. There are also these remains, these crosses and this medal of St. Nicholas from Bari.  Although it seems incredible, there are still countless pieces under the ground of imperial forums. These are only 310, but many centuries and many lives remain to be discovered from the very depths of history. AC/RW MG -SV -PR Up:MB