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Rome Reports

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Rome completes excavations of a portion of the eighth wonder of the world

Rome is an astonishing city....

During the excavations in Trajan's Forum, considered the eighth wonder of the world, they found this amazing bust.

They also discovered a bust of Dionysus, with its eyes missing.

Among the discoveries were also the remains of friezes depicting defeated armies and the Roman army.

The mayor announced that the excavations have been completed and that the pieces that were found will be exhibited to the public. 

Mayor of Rome
“Rome is a continuous discovery, a precious treasure chest that never ceases to surprise us and continues bringing back fragments of our past."

Trajan's Forum was spectacular. It was designed by Apollodorus of Damascus. 

Nowadays one can only see a part of the view that was once visible from Trajan's market.

Cultural Superintendent of Rome
"When Emperor Constantius II visited the forum in 378, he considered it worthy of the admiration of the gods, and Amianus Marcellinus, who described this visit, said that they were constructions that words cannot describe and that will not be able to be built again."

Director, Archaeological Museums of Rome
"They found not only statues, reliefs like those we have seen, but also architectural plans that allow us to understand the exact elevation of the square in Trajan's Forum , which was the largest ever made in antiquity."

In the 16th century the area became a neighborhood of houses, which were demolished around 1930 to display the Imperial Forums. 

Now it will be opened to the public in an attempt to recover its magnificence.

Javier Martínez-Brocal

Translation: Christian Campos