This is the atmosphere that tourists find at the Vatican during the Christmas season

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Every year, thousands of tourists pass through St. Peter's Square during the Christmas season. Many are amazed not only by the atmosphere, but also by the nativity scene and Christmas tree displayed by the Vatican.

I've lived in Europe for like ten years and I think I've never been to such a religiously filled atmosphere before.

It is the first time that I've come here, to St. Peter's Square, here in Rome. I feel very satisfied and at ease with this Christmas. Everything is very beautiful.

The tree has garnered popularity among visitors because of the light show. But many do not know the initiative behind it—after Christmas, the wood will be turned into toys for children in need.

The nativity scene has also left an impact. Not only because of the cave, which resembles the one in the Italian town of Greccio, where St. Francis of Assisi made the first nativity scene 800 years ago. In fact, he is among the figures.

We are remembering this beautiful event that brought us this great saint, St. Francis, and celebrating this anniversary that we are living as a Church.

The tree and the nativity scene will be in St. Peter's Square for all to visit until January 7.


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