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Pope Francis: Today we use the word "friend" superficially

Two simple and key ideas: friendship and mission. This was the message Pope Francis transferred to "Serra International," a movement that support priests, seminarians and religious. DANTE VANNINI President of Serra International "With great joy and infinite emotion I send you my greetings and those of all Serra International, which today is represented by the delegates that participate in this 75th International Congress." Pope Francis said that their work with priests is essential, because they need people to support them in their ministry, true friends. Friendship, he pointed out, is a blessing that is being lost in big cities. POPE FRANCIS "In our daily metropolitan lives, we run into various people whom we call "friends,� but that is just a word we say. Within virtual communications, "friend� is one of the most frequently found words. Yet we know that superficial knowledge has little to do with that experience of encounter or closeness evoked by the word 'friend.'� Pope Francis also spoke to them about another concept: the mission. He recalled that Jesus' disciples do not look at what they leave behind, but walk forward in spite of difficulties. They trust in God and know they are sustained by Him. That is why he said that it is sad to see "men of the Church who do not know how to leave their post," whether by changing dioceses or retiring. The pope also said he was afraid of "museum Christians" who are closed in on their niche and are afraid of change. JRB/MB CTV -VM -PR Up:MB