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Paul Bhatti: "To forgive those who killed my brother is a sign of courage"

One in every 12 Christians around the world is subject to violence on the grounds of religion. Paul Bhatti experienced the tragic consequences of such persecution first-hand, when his brother Shahbaz Bhatti, also a Minister of Minorities in Pakistan, was assassinated in 2011 for his faith. Now, with his book entitled "The Voice of Justice," he wants to make it known that his brother sacrificed his life and that it was not in vain. PAUL BHATTI Former Minister of Minorities of Pakistan "I wanted to write this book because I wanted to share the message my brother wanted to give. He had to sacrifice his life to give his message. We were always close, and he always wanted to make his message and his life public. This is an inheritance that belongs not only to me, but to all those who want peace in this world.� According to Paul Bhatti, in Pakistan, entire generations are currently growing under the influence of extremism, fanaticism, and violence. He believes that it is possible to stop it. PAUL BHATTI Former Minister of Minorities of Pakistan "One force and principal element is interreligious dialogue. Through dialogue we must rid ourselves of the hatred, division, and violence that takes place in the name of religion. I believe that no religion teaches violence. God is not a vengeful being.� How does one forgive those who have taken away a loved one for the sake of religion? There is only one answer, he says. PAUL BHATTI Former Minister of Minorities of Pakistan "We cannot respond to violence with more violence, because that will never lead to peace. We have to consider the root of the problem. I think it is important to forgive because to forgive, you need courage and strength. It shows others the importance of compassion and how we can have a big heart.� Paul Bhatti attends congresses around the world to highlight the plight of Christians emigrating from their home countries, including those from Pakistan, to seek a life of peace and prosperity. As was true for his brother, Christians are discriminated against by religious intolerance and persecution. AQ/DN RR -FL -PR Up:FV