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Ixthys: A Caribbean music group that brings people closer to God

This popular music group was formed twenty-one years ago in a church near Barranquilla, Colombia. They are called the Ixthys, and were born to sing in parishes. To date, they have already completed an international tour, won "best music groupâ? of Trasnochafest 2016 and attract many visitors to their YouTube channel.  FABIAN "At that time it began as something just to sing during mass, and now has already become a process of evangelization and a life project for each of us.â? After 21 years, the group's style has evolved and components have changed, however the initial goal still remains.  MARGARITA "In our songs, the inspiration of our writers and composers is to encourage those people who are far from the Church, or who are inside the Church but still do not reach the feet of Jesus. That's what we want to do: take the Church, and the people of God, to the feet of Jesus.â? With a mix between Caribbean music and pop, this music group has a good past, but an even better future ahead.  JS/JC RR - S PR Up:JC