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Rome Reports

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Great excitement during the new cardinals' first public appearance

Once the Consistory was finished, the five new cardinals met with journalists and people from all over the world who wanted to personally congratulate them in Paul VI Audience Hall.  What some did not know was that only moments before, they had made a special visit to Benedict XVI with Pope Francis.  CARD. JUAN JOSÉ OMELLA Archbishop of Barcelona (Spain) "It was a very interesting moment, and I see that the relationship between them is good, and the Holy Father Benedict XVI also welcomed us with paternal solitude.â?  Paul VI Audience Hall was filled with people, and the heat of Rome wreaked havoc on more than one person.  CARD. LOUIS-MARIE LING MANGKHANEKHOUM Apostolic vicar of Pakse (Laos) "Now I'm hot, but everything is fine, no problem. A new life begins, it's all good.â? What all of the cardinals could agree with was that this appointment was a new beginning for each of them.  CARD. GREGORIO ROSA CHíVEZ Auxliary Bishop of San Salvador (El Salvador) "I will continue doing the same thing I did before, along with the things now entrusted to me by the pope, which I do not know yet. It's like a blank chalkboard written on the part of Pope Francis.â? Cardinal Jean Zerbo of Mali was undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed. Though it was a long day for all of them, it will be one they remember forever.  AQ/JC CTV -SV -BN Up: MB