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U.S. bishops end two weeks of prayer to defend religious freedom throughout the world

As they do every year, the United States Catholic Bishops have taken a stand for religious freedom through a campaign called Fortnight for Freedom from June 21-July 4. Around the United States, each diocese organized events to promote the importance of defending religious freedom, not only in America, but around the world. MSGR. JOSEPH F. NAUMANN Archdiocese of Kansas City (U.S.) "The United States I think has really been a beacon for religious liberty and human rights throughout the world. Making sure, first of all, that we're true to our founders view of what religious liberty really means has an impact around the world too. It's a time when we sensitize ourselves, even as we look at some of the things that threaten our rights here in the United States to diminish them, it sensitizes us to the fact that many other people suffer much more profoundly.� With intense suffering plaguing many other countries, he said "Fortnight for Freedom� is an opportunity for American Catholics to engage and express their solidarity with others through one specific way: prayer. MSGR. JOSEPH F. NAUMANN Archdiocese of Kansas City (U.S.) "Just recently at our bishops' meeting for the U.S. in Indianapolis, when we were talking about these human rights issues, and religious liberty throughout the world, our committee chairman responsible said that the one thing that people all over the world ask for is for our prayers. It's in that way that we show in the most fundamental level our solidarity with everyone throughout the world.� Since these two weeks of organized prayer have ended, this does not mean that the bishops have finished interceding for this cause so persecuted Christians around the world can one day be free and enjoy religious liberty. MB Archdiocese of Kansas City SV -PR Up:AC