Pope at Angelus: Asks for dialogue in order to end recent disturbances in Jerusalem

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Rome’s strong summer heat did not intimidate the hundreds of pilgrims who came to pray with the pope during the Angelus. Concerned by the recent violence and riots in Jerusalem, Pope Francis called for moderation and dialogue to resolve the situation that has already claimed the lives of several people. There have been protests and clashes over the installation of metal detectors at the Esplanade of the Mosques, a sacred place for Muslims and Jews.

“I follow with anguish the grave tensions and violence in Jerusalem in these days. I feel the need to express a fervent appeal for moderation and dialogue. I invite you to join me in prayer so that the Lord may inspire all purposes of reconciliation and peace.”

The pope also spoke of the parable of the weeds and wheat that were sown in the same field. He explained that in the world, good grows alongside evil, and it is only God who can destroy evil. Pope Francis also clarified that good and evil are not attributed to just people or a specific country. 

'The Lord, who is incarnate Wisdom, helps us to understand today that good and evil cannot be identified with definitive territories or certain human groups, ‘These are the good ones, these are the bad ones.’ Instead, He tells us that the line between the border of good and evil passes through the heart of each person, through the heart of each one of us. That is to say, we are all sinners. I want to ask you, ‘Whoever is not a sinner, raise your hand.’ No one!”

Pope Francis, in conclusion, asked all to “not only discover dirt and evil in our surroundings, but also good and beauty.” 

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