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"The Message of the Day": A daily video of Pope Francis to reflect on your every day life

Message like this ...

Moments like this ...

Have made Pope Francis the most popular media pope in history. He has surpassed 30 million Twitter followers, and there is no doubt it that the key to his success is that he lives what he preaches. 

"How I wish for a Church that is poor and for the poor.”

That is precisely why "The Message of the Day" was born. It's a website that offers the possibility of receiving a brief, daily video of the pope on your email or cell phone. 

These are simple videos, only one to two minutes, with small clips of the Argentinian pontiff's preaching. Some are messages that may have gone unnoticed by the media, but are filled with great significance. Father Eduardo is the initiative's promoter. 

The Message of the Day
"Before Pope Francis became pope, I was able to meet him and I was fascinated. His messages always bring something valuable to the people, which is why we decided to make this project; a daily message from the pope to the people. What we are looking for is the opportunity to reach thousands, and why not, millions of people.”

The initiative is in English, Portuguese and Spanish. To receive these videos, all one has to do is sign up on this website https://www.themessageoftheday.com/en/, and no sooner will a message from the Holy Father fill your email every morning.