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Pope asks in the Angelus for people not to forget God during the summer

During the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis invited Christians not to forget God during the summer. He explained that the time of rest may be the most opportune moment to seek out an encounter with the Lord.

"It is important that during the period of rest and the break of day-to-day worries, we recover strength of body and spirit, deepening the spiritual journey."

The pope meditated on the Gospel reading of the Transfiguration of Jesus. He explained that the ascent to Mount Tabor with the disciples serves as a reminder that it is necessary to detach from the world and worldly things to find God.

"In this spiritual ascent, in this detachment from worldly things, we are called to rediscover the peaceful and regenerating silence of meditating on the Gospel and reading the Bible, which leads to a rich goal of beauty, splendor and joy."

In addition to not forgetting about God on vacation, Pope Francis also asked Christians not to abandon charity. He said it should be "the law of everyday life."

"Transformed by the presence of Christ and the ardor of His word, we can be a concrete sign of the life-giving love of God to all our brothers and sisters."

Pope Francis also did not forget those who cannot afford a vacation: the elderly, the sick, those without work or those who do not have enough resources. His wish for them was for peace and good times this summer and he entrusted them all especially to the Blessed Mother.