Pope prays for the victims of natural catastrophes and wars during the Angelus

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Pope Francis prayed the Angelus from the window of his study in the Apostolic Palace for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Many of the traveling pilgrims happened to be in St. Peter's Square by chance when the pope started praying. Others were prepared and waved their banners to catch Pope Francis' attention.

The pope said God uses humble people to do great things, with the example of the Blessed Virgin. He explained the power of humility and made a petition to the pilgrims in the square.

'The Lord does great things in the world with those who are humble, because humility is like a void that leaves room for God. A humble person is powerful because he is humble, not because he is strong. This is the greatness of those who are humble and of humility. I would like to ask you all, and also ask myself – but do not answer out loud: each person respond in your heart – How is my humility?'

On the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the pope assured the faithful that she gives to the world the greatest gift: Jesus, who already lives in her.

'Bringing Jesus, the Blessed Mother also brings to us a new joy, one full of meaning. She brings us a new capacity to pass through the most painful and difficult moments with faith. She brings us the capacity be merciful, to forgive, to understand others, to support each other.'

He further explained that the Blessed Mother is Jesus' first disciple and a model of virtue and faith. Therefore, the pope wants to entrust to her protection all the people who suffer the most.

'To Mary, Queen of Peace, whom we contemplate today in the glory of Paradise, I would like to entrust to her, once again, the anguishes and pains of the people who, in so many parts of the world, suffer from natural disasters, social tensions and conflicts. Heavenly Mother, obtain consolation for all of us and a future of serenity and concord.'

Finally, Pope Francis also asked the Blessed Mother for help, so that all Christians may have a strong, joyful and merciful faith like hers.

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