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Rome Reports

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Three years of preparation to travel to Rome and see Pope Francis for the first time

The songs from this young Catholic group filled St. Peter's Square expressing their joy, for their dream of seeing the pope came true. 

“We are a group from Croatia, from a little village in the east of Croatia. We are so happy to be here. We sing all the time; we visited many places already. We came to see our pope, and we are so happy.”

“This was our dream for the past three years to come here and the dream came true for us. It is really special to come here and to see the pope live, speaking and telling us about hope. It's a coincidence, but that's our motto: hope! We want to give hope to the people in our village. So we came here and heard the pope telling us about hope. It is really powerful for us it is something special.”

In fact, their village, Gunja, was heavily hit by the 2014 Southeast European floods, and most of them had to rebuild their houses. However, their parish priest helped them rebuild their spiritual life by encouraging the birth of this group. That's why it was very special for them to participate in the General Audience along with him. 

“This is the first time at the Audience here with the pope. It is really special to see so many people in one place just to see one man talking. It is really powerful; it is really great.”

“We are so happy because our pope is amazing and everyone loves him. We couldn't wait to see him and listen to him talking to us.”

After collecting money for three years to make the trip happen, this young Catholic group is trying to enjoy every second of their stay in Rome. They hope to transmit their experience back home, and to fill with hope the lives of those who suffered from the floods.