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Rome Reports

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Rome increases security in the Vatican area after attacks in Spain

After the tragedy in Barcelona, the city of Rome has increased its security measures in the Vatican area.

Since the Jubilee of Mercy beginning in November 2015, these planted pots block vehicle passage on streets like Via della Conciliazione, the main street leading to St. Peter's Square.

Additionally, police presence is continuously high, so despite the alarm, tourists say they are calm walking these streets.

“I was quite of sort of uncomfortable a bit coming but as soon as we got here we feel very very safe now. There is a lot of security everywhere, that made my mind ease a little bit”.

“I've seen a lot of security bag checks and control detectors and body scanning and I feel like when you're in places like that it's quite safe. There are no cars here or anything so that is okay.”

The street is deserted by cars and this is something appreciated by tourists, who come to visit St. Peter's Basilica.

"I was a bit scared because there have been many attacks and many threats, but I am seeing that there is sufficient protection here, even the army is in the street. So you feel safer and more protected and that gives you a little peace of mind."

"You can dwell on it, but I prefer to live without that kind of fear, because it can happen anywhere. In a very touristy place or in a less relevant place, living with fear gives a small victory to those who dare to attack others. So I refuse to live with that fear."

No one knows when the state of alarm will be over, but what is clear is that all possible security measures are already under way in this area of Rome.