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Emotional testimony by Colombian woman in front of Pope Francis

This is the powerful testimony of Pastora Mira García, a victim of violence on numerous occasions. 

She explains how she lost her father at six years old and later served his killed who was old and abandoned. Later, when her daughter was only two months old, her husband was killed. 

In 2001, the paramilitaries kidnapped her daughter Sandra Paola. After searching and crying for seven years, she found the body.

In 2005, the paramilitaries Bloque Heroes de Granada, assassinated her youngest son. Three days after she had buried him, she served a wounded young man and put him to rest in the same bed that had belonged to Jorge Hannibal. On leaving the house, the young man saw his photos and told her that he was one of Jorge's murderers and how he was tortured before his death. 

She then united her pain and suffering with the thousands of victims in Colombia and placed it at the feet of Jesus Crucified. This way, she prayed it would be transformed into a blessing and ability to forgive and break the cycle of violence in Colombia.

Finally, as a sign of this offering, she laid at the foot of the cross of Bojayá a shirt my missing daughter, had given to her son who was killed by the paramilitaries. She said it's a sign this will never happen again and peace will triumph in Colombia.