Pope Francis greets winners of the "Expanded Reason Awards"

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At the end of the General Audience, the pope greeted some very special guests. They were university researchers who are the winners of the first edition of the 'Expanded Reason Awards.'

The award promotes the university style proposed by Benedict XVI to widen the horizons of reason. This means studying reality from different perspectives to reach the truth and overcome relativism.

The prizes have been created by Spanish University Francisco de Vitoria, and are endorsed by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Foundation. In its first edition, more than 300 works were presented from 30 different countries.

The winners in the 'research' category include Darcia Narvaez, from the University of Notre Dame in the United States, for her work in Neurobiology. Also Claudia Vanney and Juan Frank, from the Universidad Austral in Argentina, who promoted 'Determinism or indeterminism,' a study that combines Philosophy and Science.

In the 'teaching' category, the winners are Michael Garanzini, Michael Schuck and Nancy Tuchman for their work in 'Healing Earth' from Loyola University in Chicago. Also Hungarian Dominican nun Laura Baritz, for her KETEG program, which presents an economic thought in accordance with the social doctrine of the Church.

Video games also have a place in this award, demonstrating the vast research that goes into promoting the award. Thus, Alberto Oliván and Arturo Encinas, from University Francisco de Vitoria, received a special mention for their work on 'Teaching narrative in video games.'

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