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Pope: Politics seem to retreat in the face of the aggressiveness of financial and media power

Early in the morning, at 8:00 a.m., Pope Francis arrived in the Italian city of Cesena to celebrate the 300 anniversary of Pope Pius VI, who was arrested by Napoleon's troops.

His first meeting was in the town square, where he delivered an intense speech about one's vocation to politics.

"Politics seems to retreat in the face of the aggressiveness and pervasiveness of other forms of power, such as the financial one and the media. It is necessary to relaunch the rights of good politics, its independence, its specific suitability to serve the public good, to act in a way that reduces inequalities.”

His schedule was full and the pope was in a hurry, but he asked for a little time to greet the sick. 

"Before leaving I would like to greet, or at least approach, those who through their suffering and pain quietly sustain the development of the city."

After greeting the sick, the pope went to the cathedral, where he met with the priests and religious from the city.

He asked them to embark on a "revolution of tenderness," which consists of looking and caring for people. He also told them about help they can give to young people and families. 

"The education of affectivity and love is a task the Lord asks us to carry out in a particular way at this time. It is a difficult time both for the family as an institution and cell-base of society, and for the concrete families that support a great part of the weight of the socio-economic crisis without receiving adequate support in return."

He left the cathedral, clasping many hands and giving many hugs. Then at the door he spoke to the youth.

"What must young people do? Did you hear what I said inside? What should they do? They should talk to...? Talk to the elderly. Listen and speak with the elderly. Like this, you will be revolutionaries. Bye. Thank you, may the Lord bless you."

It was a brief visit, about two hours long, but very intense. He also had enough time to personally greet hundreds of people.