Canterbury Archbishop Welby presents his new representative to the Holy See to the pope

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The Archbishop of Canterbury held his fourth meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican Friday morning. 

This is the warm greeting the two shared. 

“Good to see you.”
“Very good to see you again.”

The Archbishop also presented his wife to the pope, who have also previously met. 

Then came the reason why Archbishop Justin Welby was in the Vatican. He came to introduce his new representative to the Holy See.

“This is the wife of my new representative in Rome... and Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi. They have worked with great courage for peace and for the poor in Burundi.”

After this important encounter, Pope Francis greeted the other members of the Church of England. 

However, no visit could be complete without the exchange of gifts. Archbishop Welby presented an icon and the book, “The Clewer Initiative.”

“This we commissioned for you. It will need varnishing.”
“Thank you very much.”
“And this, I would not expect you to read it, but perhaps one of your colleagues might.”

Pope Francis returned the favor with his emblem of the olive branch, as a symbol of peace.

“That is beautiful. Beautiful work. It is symbolic. For my chapel, to remind us each day we pray.”

The pope also gave him the three most important works of his pontificate. 

Then, they shared a laugh as they parted ways. 

“I like it. I can read English. Thank you very much, pray for me.”
“I will pray for you.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Thank you.”

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