Pope in Santa Marta: A Christian cannot be naive

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Pope Francis spoke clearly during his morning homily. He said that a Christian cannot be naive and that corruption should be combated wisely.

'A Christian cannot afford to be naive. Let us ask for the grace of Christian cunning and for a Christian intuition. It is also a good occasion to pray for the corrupt. People say that smog causes pollution, but there is also a smog of corruption in society.'

The pope said that corruption is like a prison. That is why he asked to pray for those who are corrupt, so they can find a way out of the prison 'they themselves wanted to enter.'

(Source: Vatican Radio)

“The dealing is 'a true ring of corruption' and this is true even in our days. Those involved in these corruption rings are so powerful they are like the mafia. This is fact and not a fairy tale or something from ancient history. We find them daily in newspapers, especially those who administer public goods, which is not theirs. There is no question about corruption with one’s own goods because they are always defended. The lesson that Jesus wishes to draw from the parable is the greater craftiness of the “children of this world” compared to the children of light. Their greater corruption and cunning is carried forward in 'style' and 'silk gloves.'

There are many among Christians who are corrupt. If they are more crafty than those faithful to Jesus, the Pope wondered whether there exists something like “Christian craftiness”, something for those who want to follow Jesus without ending up badly. What is this “Christian craftiness” that is not sin but helps me to go ahead in the service of the Lord, including with the help of others.

If there is a Gospel path and Christian ‘track’ to follow without falling into the ring of corruption. Jesus points it out with some contrasts, such as when he speaks about Christians as lambs among wolves or prudent as serpents and simple as doves. In this regard there are three attitudes of Christian craftiness. The first is a “healthy mistrust,” which means to be careful of someone who “promises too much” and “talks much” like those who ask you to invest in his bank for a “double interest.” The second attitude is reflection when faced with the seductions of the devil who knows our weaknesses; and lastly, prayer.

Let us pray to the Lord to grant them this grace to be cunning Christians, to have this Christian craftiness and Christian “track”. If there is one thing that a Christian cannot allow himself, it is being naive. The Pope said that Christians have a treasure within - the Holy Spirit – which we have to safeguard; and being naive would rob one of the Spirit.”

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