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New movie tells the story of friendship between millionaire and homeless man

Imagine a prestigious art collector whose wife makes him take care of a homeless man who grew up picking cotton in the field. 

This is the premise of a true story, so deep and meaningful that it became a best-selling book in the United States, and is now making its way to the big screen.

“Same Kind of Different as Me” narrates the encounter of two men from two very different worlds who, in the end, through the faith and determination of a woman, are able to find a common ground that eventually makes them inseparable.

Actress, Same Kind of Different as Me
“She's able to see people in their best light. She's able to look past whatever damage causes them to be fearful in the world and recognize that human beings who are down on their luck aren't bad people. FLASH 00:51 “It might be nice to tell a story that reminds us gently about our own abilities to tell a story to influence change if we make the choice to be part of something.”

Actor, Same Kind of Different as Me
“I think that it tells honestly the story of some people who got more out of something than they gave. That message enough will work for people. It will hopefully inspire in its own way.”

The real subject of the story, Ron Hall, hopes that through his experiences and now this movie, people will be driven to help others, even if their social status is different.  

Writer and Inspiration for Same Kind of Different as Me
“I want it to be more than just a film. I want it to be a movie with a mission. And I want that no one that sits and watches this movie leaves unchanged. But I want people to walk out of this film and realize that they can be someone who can make a difference.”

With this movie, they hope that people will think twice before refusing to help someone who needs it, making an effort to understand their story through faith, empathy and humility.