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Pope in Audience: Mass is the greatest grace, one shouldn't merely recite prayer like parrots

On a gloomy Wednesday morning, Pope Francis went for his usual ride in the popemobile. This particular morning he blessed a little Franciscan monk and a little nun, he also greeted a sick elderly woman and was even gifted a Teddy bear.

He continued his second catechesis on the Eucharist and celebration of the Mass

“When we go to Mass, maybe we come five minutes before and we start talking with the person beside me... but it is not time to chit-chat, it is the moment of silence to prepare for dialogue. It's a time to recollect one's heart to prepare for encountering Jesus. But silence is so important. This, therefore, is the greatest grace: to be able to experience that the Mass and the Eucharist is a privileged moment to be with Jesus, and, through Him, with God and with his brothers.”

The pope said in the spiritual life, one should allow themselves to be surprised by God. One way is to realize that God loves each person, even with their weakness, which can be made perfect when receiving Holy Communion. 

“To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to let yourself be surprised. In our relationship with the Lord, in prayer, are we marveled? Are we surprised? Or do we pray and speak to God like parrots do? No, it is trusting and opening your heart to leave you in awe. Let us be surprised by God, for God is always the God of surprises.”

He thanked members of the Spanish navy vessel “Cantabria” in the audience, who have rescued many migrating across the Mediterranean Sea and greeted Canadian Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix from Québec.