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Artists from Mexico prepare crafts for Christmas at the Vatican

Each year, a Mexican state brings its crafts to Rome to decorate the Paul VI Audience Hall and the Christmas trees in the Vatican Museums.

This year they come from Campeche. The state governor arrived accompanied by his wife to inaugurate the event in the Museums.

In addition to traditional dances, they also brought 1,200 handcrafted pieces, such as the lottery game from their town, hats made with jipi, and piñatas.

Two of the dozens of artisans who have worked for several months to prepare them were present in the official delegation.

One of his gifts is this Nativity scene made out of a paper material similar to the piñatas. It features the figures dressed in rich embroidery.

Many of the crafts brighten the pope's large audience hall, where he celebrates his most numerous meetings.

For this reason, Pope Francis wanted to personally thank them. In this encounter, they gave him a stole and an chasuble embroidered in Campeche.

"Holy Father, we love you very much and I want to give you this letter so when you go back to Mexico, you visit Campeche. It is there the first Mass in Mexico was held, and you are a Mexican Pope, huh? We love you very much... We love you very much. These are my children."

Their visit from Mexico included this reception where attendees could taste Mexican dishes, and see the crafts that adorn the pope's Christmas season in the Vatican.