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Vatican intervenes in Sodalitium of Christian Life

With this press release, the Vatican announced it will intervene in the Sodalitium of Christian Life. 

The Holy See has designated as Apostolic Commissioner Msgr. Noel Antonio Londoño, bishop of Jericó, Colombia.

Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, archbishop of Newark, will maintain his role as delegate “ad nutum,” but will dedicate himself mainly to assessing economic matters. The pope selected him for this position in May 2016. 

Msgr. Londoño and Cardinal Tobin will aid the Sodalitium in its transition period after the sexual abuse scandal involving founder Luis Fernando Figari. In 2016, the institution strongly denounced and dismissed him.

Superior General

“In light of the testimony presented, we find citizen Luis Fernando Figari guilty of the abuses he has been accused of and declare him unwelcome in our organization, which completely deplores and condemns his behavior.”

In the release, the Vatican reiterated the pope's concern due to “reports involving internal governance, formation and economic-financial affairs.”

With this new step, the Holy See will facilitate the closing of this painful chapter as soon as possible.