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Samson breaks through to big screen

Biblical champion Samson will finally flex his muscle in theaters around the world. A new film of the same name takes viewers on a turbulent ride through the fallen hero's life. 

Samson, “Samson”

“For the people who do know the story, I think it's fantastic because they get to see discoveries of how scenes were played out that they have in their mind and they see somebody else's concept; whereas people who don't know the story, it just unravels in front of them and it's incredible.”

Joining Taylor James are Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane, and Jackson Rathbone. Apart from an action-packed thriller, the actors hope to transmit the many underlying themes within Samson's saga.  

Caleb, “Samson”

“What an epic story of purpose, one's calling, also the consequences of sin. What happens when you reject what you were called to do in this lifetime.”

On February 16, Samson takes on a new purpose – awing and inspiring audiences of today.