Pope Francis: How long will the Afghan people have to endure inhuman violence?

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During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis remembered the hundreds who are victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul. He asked for prayers for peace in this region. 

“A few days ago there was another serious attack, also in Kabul that sowed terror and death in a great hotel. How long will the Afghan people have to endure this inhuman violence?”

In the past 30 days, there have been countless attacks in Afghanistan, which have caused more than 200 deaths. In one week alone, there were three attacks, initiated by the Taliban. 

At the end of the Angelus, young people from the organization Catholic Action joined the pope at his window to pray for world peace. Up until a few years ago, they released pigeons from the window, but this year, they opted for balloons, to prevent animals from getting scared or attacked by seagulls.

When the children let them go, the balloons got stuck on the pope's window, which he had to free with a stick. Pope Francis took this opportunity to offer advice. 

“When we pray poorly, when we live a lifestyle different than Jesus would like, our prayers can't arrive. This is why we need help for them to reach heaven. When you see that your prayers don't arrive, ask someone for help.”

It was also World Leprosy Day, and Pope Francis expressed his solidarity with the sick. He acknowledged that this illness mostly affects the poor and most disadvantaged in society.

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