500 of Rome's outlandish secrets uncovered in new book

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Beyond the Colosseum, St. Peter's Square and the Roman Forum, Rome is a city composed of wonder and beauty that is still being uncovered. The city's best secrets have been exposed in the newest book in the “500 Hidden Secrets” series: Rome.


“There are so many tour books that tend to repeat the same things. So our goal was to find things that weren't in any of these other guide books. So finding things in neighborhoods that tend to fall outside of the typical tourist route was an effective way for us, as authors, to also be stimulated in the process. There's such an amazing city out there. There's such an amazing city to be discovered that hasn't been discovered, but you've got to walk a little bit, you've got to get on public transportation, you've got to pay for a cab to get there.”

The book is divided into mini-chapters revealing the “5 best” of marvelous sculptures, museums, unique bars and even unknown optical illusions found throughout the city or in the center of St. Peter's Square.


“I like the living city of Rome. I like telling people where they can actually find people living and doing normal things. It's so easy to forget that this is a vibrant and thriving city, especially if you stay only in the center.”

He said while many tourists find practical information online, such as museum opening times, directions and restaurants near them, this book provides a more edgy and modern look at the centuries-old city and introduces readers to more than just a history book.


“If you go a little bit outside of the typical, tourist circuit, you will find a Rome that is happy to see you. You will find a Rome that is more economical. You'll find a more polite Rome. You'll find people who applaud you for making the effort to come out there. That is a better experience for everybody.”

This is the Rome he wants tourists to discover, the one even Romans haven't fully seen that provides even more reason to fall in love with the Eternal City.

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