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Pope Francis to anti-usury association: Exploitation tramples people's dignity

In its 26 years of existence, the John Paul II Anti-Usury Non-Profit Association has helped more than 25,000 families and small businesses recover from usury. 

On Saturday morning, Pope Francis held an audience with some of the organization's members to express his gratitude for their service. The Holy Father also took advantage of an opportunity to denounce financial exploitation

“Usury is a serious sin: it kills life, tramples the dignity of people, is a vehicle of corruption and hinders the common good. It also weakens the social and economic foundations of a country. In fact, with so many poor, many indebted families, many victims of serious crimes and many corrupt people no country can plan a serious economic recovery or even feel safe.”

To combat this phenomenon, the pope called for the rediscovery of the “virtues of poverty and sacrifice” and an education of people that makes them aware of their financial responsibility. 

“It can be prevented by educating for a simple lifestyle, which knows how to distinguish between what is superfluous and what is necessary and in which we take responsibility for not taking on debts to obtain things that could be given up.”

To conclude, the Holy Father thanked the association for restoring people's dignity and aiding in the fight against their use as “tools of a culture of waste.”