Pope Francis to visit Roman parish this Sunday

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On Sunday around 4 p.m., Pope Francis will arrive at the parish of San Gelasio, a peripheral church located in northeast Rome. 

The visit will be hectic. Pope Francis will meet with Sunday school children and their families; he will also see the sick, the elderly, the needy and volunteers from Caritas. 

In addition, the pope will talk with two young people from Gambia who were taken in by the church and confess to some parishioners. At 6 p.m., the Holy Father will preside over Mass, and one of the readings will be read by a blind man. 

However, one of the main protagonists will be Giulia, a little girl who covered her sister during the 2016 earthquakes and sacrificed her own life. Giulia was a member of this parish and her memory will surely be present. 

The parish was established in 1972. Paul VI confessed to priests from the Italian ecclesial institution Church-World Mission, founded by Italian priest Antonio Fallico. The organization handles renewal of pastoral guidance in accordance with the Second Vatican Council. 

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