Pope explains concluding rites of Mass: blessing and dismissal

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Pope Francis ended his catechesis series on the Holy Mass, by speaking about the concluding rites and dismissal. He said we are send forth 'in peace' and even 'after Mass, the Lord continues his real presence among us in the Blessed Sacrament.'

Additionally, the pope said that one's holiness should continue to grow and expand with each Mass and that should spread to works of service to those in need. 


Dear brothers and sisters, 

Today we end our cycle of catecheses on Holy Mass by turning to the concluding rites. Following the Prayer after Communion, the priest blesses the congregation. Mass thus ends as it began, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the triune God who calls us to share in his divine life through the saving death and resurrection of the Lord. The dismissal sends us forth “in peace” to bring that blessing to the world around us, “glorifying God by our lives”. Our celebration of Mass teaches us to be “eucharistic” men and women, conformed ever more fully to Christ in our thoughts, words and actions. After Mass, the Lord continues his real presence among us in the Blessed Sacrament, as a reminder that the fruits of the Eucharist are meant to expand daily through our growth in holiness, in union with the Church, and in loving service to our brothers and sisters, especially those in need. May our regular celebration of the Eucharistic banquet strengthen us in our journey of faith, until at last we share eternally in the unending joy of the wedding feast of the Lamb.

I greet the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors taking part in today’s Audience, particularly those from England, Ireland, Croatia, Sweden, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States of America. I offer a warm welcome to the newly-ordained deacons from the Pontifical Irish College, together with their families and friends. In the joy of the Risen Christ, I invoke upon you and your families the loving mercy of God our Father. May the Lord bless you all! 

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