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"Share what matters" the campaign trying to end poverty

Manos Unidas is an organization doing everything possible to ensure that people around the globe, regardless of their economic situation, are able to live a decent life.

With their latest campaign "Share what matters," they want to support the most needy individuals and communities and show them they are not alone. Above all, they want everyone to "share" the campaign.

They financially support projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. They help foster sustainable agriculture and also accompany citizens in their struggle to fight for their personal rights.

Department of studies, Manos Unidas

"We accompany them in their everyday work, we work with them to fight against hunger, against the misery in which they live. To provide a more dignified life for their children, their communities and themselves. We also assist them in processes of advocating before their governments, before their authorities and before institutions to attain that more dignified life."

This campaign is part of a project that began in 2016. The organization gave itself three years to significantly improve the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people.

Department of studies, Manos Unidas

"In countries where we accompany projects, we offer people alternatives to change their lives. We support them in the processes they have started, in the processes of development, health, education, access to water, access to seeds to plant and access to food. We propose alternatives for a more sustainable production and to eliminate food waste."

Manos Unidas says the campaign is producing good results and they hope once they complete the work, they can change millions of lives.

In 2016, the organization allotted almost 40 million euros to the fight against hunger in Africa, America and Asia and approved up to 604 new development projects.